Your soul knows which road to take. Listen to it, follow it.
Your soul is a reflection of yourself. What’s needed for you to forgive it, fall in love with it again, to hug it, to cure it?
– Maja Wu

Anima healing is a method of healing and connecting with the highest levels of energy frequencies. In a simple yet extremely effective way our soul connects to the source of our Inner Self in other words with the Higher Intelligence.

Anima healing is a combination of reconnection, meridian connection, and techniques of purification of energy chains with the assistance of the healer. With the help of Anima Healing you’re entering a process of reconnecting at a higher level with your life’s purpose and the Universe itself. The decision to do so is a conscious choice you’re making on your own.
Do you want to move on in your life an experience a stronger connection with yourself, your potentials, as well as the Universe, then Anima healing is for you.

The energy that occurs during Anima healing is significantly different from all presently known healing energies. It is characterized by exceptional intelligence, uniqueness of the process itself and the inability to control it. It determines in which direction to go, what to look back on during the healing sessions and how to channel the necessary into positive outcomes.
Unlike electromagnetic energy, the intensity increases with distance. It works equally well on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The effects are often quick, although it sometimes takes several weeks, even months, for completeness and comprehensiveness of change.

You will be in the same physical body, but the energy, light and information which enters your meridians will be from a higher source. It becomes attached to power lines that allow you to have full access to higher frequencies of light, energy, and information.

In Anima healing there is no physical contact or manipulation. There is no specific procedure. Everyone has a different experience during the session, but they are all pleasant. My experience was unique and it opened up various visions which I needed to analyze, write about, and work through with others.
Three one-hour sessions reliably initiate the process by which we allow ourselves to change the flow of life, our thinking processes, and attitudes towards certain problems.
The frequencies continue to operate after completion of the session. It is advisable to schedule three sessions at intervals of not more than one week. Usually after the third session, it could clearly be seen if a significant change has occurred.

In preparation for an Anima healing session:

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing. For the duration of the session you’ll be laying down on your back, without shoes.
Scent: Before the session restrain from using any perfumes or application of scented cosmetic products.

Jewellery: You can wear jewellery during a session as long as it doesn’t get in the way.

State of Mind: During the session, you need to lie on your back and relax with your eyes closed. Curiosity and openness to everything that’s coming is within, so search for it. It’s not recommended that you meditate, pray, or bind yourself to a particular outcome.

Be open to completely experience this process, knowing that you are participating in a positive process that is given to you by God/ Love/ and the Universe in order to receive exactly what you’re needing at that moment.

What are the benefits?
Those who go through Anima healing feel:

– An increase in energy, vitality and strength

– A cleanse of negative emotional and mental forms

– Deep relaxation and peace

– An increase of heart to heart connections

– Heightened perception (especially visual and auditory)

– A deep sense of purpose

–  Enjoyment of abundance

– A total change in perception of oneself (both body and mind)

– A sense of living life here and now

I am an Author, Bars practitioner, Energy therapist, Deep PEAT Processor

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